Everybody loves a good list.

Our 5 Favorite Top City Lists Featuring Cincinnati

We like making them, and we definitely like reading them, especially when the Cincinnati region gets some love—as it did last year in the granddaddy of all travel lists, The New York Times’s annual “52 Places to Go,” where Cincinnati ranked in the Top 10, as destination number 8.

And the hits just keep coming. Here are some of our other favorite recent roundups, covering everything from shops to startups.

1. We Went To Cincinnati To Prove It’s Low-Key America’s Coolest City, Buzzfeed

The setup: Two native midwesterners (who had never visited Cincinnati before) fly in from NYC, spend three days exploring, and write a love letter to our city. While they were here, they checked out Northside, downtown, Hyde Park, Over-the-Rhine, Mt. Adams, and Walnut Hills—a pretty good sampling of our neighborhoods, if you ask us—where they found unique shopping experiences, some of our best food, striking views of our skyline, and plenty of hospitality.

enter image description here Findlay Market, Over-the-Rhine

2. The 50 Best Suburbs in America, Ranked, Business Insider

Two of our local communities made this list: Mason and Wyoming (numbers 36 and 37, respectively). And it’s no surprise: With affordable real estate, diverse and attractive homes, and high marks for low crime and safety, these suburbs are two great examples of Cincinnati’s unbeatable livability. Each has a distinct personality, too: Wyoming blends charm and style with its stock of Victorian and Mid-Century Modern homes and a sweet old-timey business district, and Mason’s spacious lots give it a classic suburban feel—but with its own town square and a close proximity to big-deal attractions like Kings Island and the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament.

enter image description here Summit Park, Blue Ash, Photograph by Ryan Sakemiller

3. These Are the U.S. Cities to Visit in January, Based on the Best Flight Prices, Vogue

Vogue made Cincinnati its #1 destination for bargain-hunting air travelers in January, when you can enjoy a 48% savings on peak prices. And while they mostly recommend indoor fun (museums, beer halls—it is a winter travel roundup, after all), they report that there is plenty to discover downtown at Smale Riverfront Park and on a shopping walkabout through historic Over-the-Rhine.

enter image description here Taft's Ale House, Over-the-Rhine

4. Top 10 Rising Cities for Startups, Forbes

According to this story, “Three-quarters of venture capital dollars are invested in California, New York and Massachusetts, with the Bay Area, New York City and Boston the main beneficiaries.” This list, created by Forbes in partnership with Revolution’s Rise of the Rest, seeks to look beyond the coasts to support the emerging group of American cities building thriving startup scenes. Cincinnati clocks in at number six on the list, alongside cities such as Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta, and Portland. Keep a lookout for local names like Eccrine Systems, which recently won a $750,000 US Air Force contract to use its biomarker technology, and Genetesis, which, in 2018, won VentureOhio’s Early Stage Company of the Year award for its cardiac analysis system.

5. 10 Best Affordable Places to Live 2018, Livability.com

When we hear about scary-high rents in metros like New York and San Francisco, it starts to feel like affordability and livability are things of the past. But, in the Cincinnati region, it is completely possible to live in a cool city with tons of destinations and services, to own a home of your own (or rent a great apartment), and to still have money left for a strong quality of life. According to this Livability.com article, Cincinnatians “spend 25% less than the average American” on necessities. On top of this, our median home prices and rents are well below national averages, even in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods. And especially for a city of our size, we have a strong amenities game, which includes ace arts programming, parks, hospitals, libraries, professional sports and a dining scene that rivals many larger cities. Bottom line: Cincinnati rules, and it can all be yours.

enter image description here Over-the-Rhine