Top 10 Lists. They can be addicting – so fun to read and see where a favorite book, movie, celeb, restaurant, team, city lands on the list.

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Top 10 lists have been especially fun for Cincinnatians lately, as our city has been racking up Top 10 accolades – to the tune of 75 lists over the last couple of years.

Here’s a look at some of our recent favorite Top 10 Lists for the Cincinnati region:

52 Best Places to Go, The New York Times
This isn't just any list. It's the one that travel destinations around the world vy for. The Cincinnati region not only made the prestigious list, but was named in the top 10 and was one of only three U.S. destinations in the top 20! Noted in the recognition, is Cincinnati's historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, microbreweries, farm-to-table restaurants, and a trio of new theaters.

10 Bargain Destinations for 2018, The New York Times
Want to travel but wary of the costs? Come to Cincinnati. Not only does our airport boast the lowest fares in the region, The New York Times ranking highlights destinations that may be unusually affordable in 2018 compared to a typical year and notes the best time to visit in August.

2018 Trend Destination Hotlist, American Express Essentials
Every year, AmEx asks its network of travel bloggers, "What are your must-visit destinations for the year ahead". Cincinnati landed as #9 on its 45 hotlist destination. Blogger Ohio Girl Travels noted the city's Art Deco architecture, revitalisation and thriving art scene as top reasons for her choice.

Best Places to Travel 2017, Travel & Leisure
Being called out on a Top 50 list of destinations in the world by the T&L experts is cause for celebration. Cincinnati was in good company amongst a list of global cities and one of only seven in the U.S.

World’s Top Five Most Competitive Cities, Site Selection
The Cincinnati region is great for business: No. 3 in electronics and food and beverage; No. 4 in automotive, and chemicals and plastics, and No. 5 in aerospace, business and financial services, and machinery, equipment and construction.

Most Cost Friendly Business Location Among Large U.S. Cities, KPMG
Did we mention that we’re good for business? With an overall cost index 6 percent below the national average, the Cincinnati region grabbed the #1 spot in the country. KPMG went on to say that “Cincinnati has the lowest property-based taxes and industrial facility lease costs, and second lowest industrial land and salary costs,” all contributing factors in taking top honors.

Ten Cities to Watch in 2017, Christie’s Real Estate
Christie’s knows hot properties, and, out of all the cities in the world, they have their eye on Cincinnati for their clients. In naming Cincinnati to this prestigious list, they cited the opportunities to take advantage of the city life, fine dining, cultural amenities, museums, ballet, symphony, and major league sports all in a great place to raise a family.

Best Places to Visit, 2017, Thrillist
In a year of rare total eclipses, new multi-million-dollar skyscrapers and theme park attractions and so much more, this popular digital lifestyle brand named Cincinnati’s new Brewery Heritage Trail a Top 10 must-see attraction in 2017. The trail celebrates Cincinnati’s rich German brewing heritage and includes tours of underground tunnels beneath the city streets designed to keep the beer nice and cold before refrigeration was invented.

Top Design Travel Destinations, Architectural Digest The nation’s largest light art event, BLINK Cincinnati, illuminating the city like never before from Oct. 12 -15, and more than $400M in renovation and restoration to several Cincinnati treasured arts buildings this fall caught the attention of this prestigious design publication. This is definitely an arts-loving town.

Best Places to Live Like Royalty, CNBC
Yep, this list confirms that in Cincinnati the paycheck goes further and supports an amazing quality of life.

Best City for New College Grads, Smart Asset
This study ranked the Cincinnati region #1 in the country for this compelling trifecta: great job opportunities, affordability (it’s a recurring theme!) and fun.

Best Cities to Celebrate Oktoberfest, WalletHub
The Cincinnati region was once one of the beer-drinking-est, beer-brewing-est cities in the country, thanks to a large German population that shared their beer knowledge back in the mid-1800s. Today, nearly 700,000 people descend on Cincinnati to celebrate this heritage during a September weekend of beer, music and dancing, beer, food…and beer.

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