West Side

The West Side of Cincinnati is a conglomerate of urban neighborhoods tucked away in hills, residential sprawl, and lots and lots of pride. There are incredible views of the river and the city, with easy access to parks and shopping centers. Most of the houses are modest, with big yards, and families who have been here for generations. That doesn’t mean you’re not welcome, in fact -- quite the opposite. It just means that you’re one more voice, proudly declaring that the “West Side is the best side,” and the community will be more than happy to help you mean it.

Life on the West side of Cincinnati

Imagine this...

You decide to begin your day with a walk, checking out your new neighborhood. You see tutors and bungalows and neighbors sitting on their porch. They wave, you wave back. Someone yells, “have you tried the chili yet?” And they don’t mean Skyline, they mean Price Hill. You say, “Not yet, but I’ll have it today for lunch.” You get a thumbs up and you know they expect you to report back.

You’re meeting up with a date that evening, so you decide to kill some time by grabbing a book and heading to Mount Echo Park. In the distance, you spot a wedding going on in the pavilion. All of a sudden, as you’re mid-sentence, a frisbee lands a few feet away from you. Before you know it, you’re in a game of ultimate. The players meet weekly and invite you to come back.

You meet your date at the Incline Public House, which you’ve heard a lot about—and now you know why. The view of the city is epic. After a good conversation and a surprising amount of chemistry, you and your date decide to head over to West Side Brewing—the West Side’s first brewery. All of a sudden, you hear a man shouting, “Hey, hey. How was the chili?” You tell him it was fantastic.