Uptown Central Core

Cincinnati’s central core is diverse in every sense of the word. From housing to lifestyle to age to race, there’s a place for everyone here. As a result, you’ll find a density of culture around you -- ethnic and vegan food, live music, indie films, and vintage stores are only a few reasons folks fall in love with this part of town. There’s also a lot of industry here, specifically health care and universities, which draw a lot of newcomers to the region. For many, it can be the perfect spot to discover the next chapter of you. The central neighborhoods make it easy to make new friends, try new experiences, and get your weird on -- whatever that means for you.

Living in Cincinnati's Uptown Urban Core

Like many mornings, you begin your day with coffee. Some of the best coffee shops are in this area, making it hard to pick. Today, you go with Landlocked Social House. Tomorrow, something new.

Today’s a big day for you because you decided to buy a scooter. You head over to Metro Scooter and land on a Vespa. Congratulations -- it’s mint green and you’re officially a hipster.

You meet some buddies in Clifton for Indian food and a matinee at the Esquire. That Wes Anderson sure did wow you once again.

Because you have a new scooter, you decide to take it for a spin and “get lost.” You are surprised by the vast difference of every street. Stunning tudors, urban grocers, churches, schools, and all of a sudden -- you’re in North Avondale for the first time. Stately mansions. Winding tree-lined streets. You’re only going five miles per hour at this point because you have to take in every single one of them.

You end the evening in Northside. You watch a comedy sketch at Urban Artifact, check out live band karaoke at The Northside Tavern, and get lost in a game of Dr. Mario at the barcade. Before heading home, you grab a slice of pizza from The Kitchen Factory walk-up window. Pizza’s always good, but it’s even better at midnight.