South East Indiana

It’s charming here, with your small town local shops, mom and pop restaurants, and family homes. The pace here is slower, and you seem to find more space for casual conversations or enjoying the incredible outdoors that surrounds you. But things here are never boring. You have boating, skiing, gambling, concerts, and all sorts of festivals to keep you active. You’re not too far from the city, but you’re far enough that you can truly enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Life in Eastern Indiana

It’s your favorite time of the week -- the Farmer’s Market! You take your time here, examining the fresh produce and making small talk with the vendors. Any given day, you never know who you’re going to run into or what sorts of conversations you’ll have. You feel incredibly fulfilled by the sense of community in this place.

You head on over to an antique store, where you buy an old coffee grinder like your grandfather used to have. The lady at the counter asks if you’re new around here. You say yes and she begins to tell you where to go to find all of the other hidden treasures. “But if you need a good pair of salt and pepper shakers,” she says, “you’d best head on up to Metamora.”

When you get home, you turn the handle until all of the coffee beans are ground. When the coffee’s ready, you take a cup outside and sit on your porch stoop. Today, you were invited to go out on a friend’s boat and then to the race track.

You wave to neighbors passing by as you reflect on your new situation. It’s nice, you think, working in the city. But it’s even better living here.