The Ohio River separates Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, providing both with incredible views. It’s active here. Lots of people running, biking, and children running through parks. There’s concerts, festivals, and professional ball games. Multiple bridges allow you to easily cross over from side to side, which is awesome because there’s so much to do. There’s a ton of housing options from high rise condos to quaint row houses, and lots of local spots within walking distance to enjoy.

Living on Cincinnati's Riverfront

You wake up, grab your bike, and ride along the river. You stop along the way to take pictures of the Roebling Bridge, the Sing the Queen City installation, and the swings that overlook the river to show your friends and family what your new life in Cincinnati looks like. They double tap.

You grab a bite to eat at the patio of The Gruff. You meet some people that tell you to definitely check out the Farmer’s Market right down the street.

Later that evening, you decide to meet some new friends at The Banks. You see people pouring into the Reds Stadium to watch the game. Cleveland’s in town and it’s packed. You’d go tonight, but you already had plans to ride the 150-foot pop-up Ferris Wheel—because you love carnival rides. Your friends ask if you’ve ridden the carousel yet. You say, “What carousel?!” and you ride that too.

All of a sudden, the sky lights up and fireworks go off. It’s Friday night, and the Reds won. And you think to yourself, “They’re not only ones.”