Northern Burbs

There's something about living in the suburb that just feels like home, and our Northern Suburbs take it to the next level. Here you'll find Ikea, Top Golf, Kings Island, shopping centers, and even some of our favorite local urban spots getting so popular that they’re opening new locations in our ‘burbs. We’ve also got lots of great school districts and neighborhoods to choose from around these parts which makes raising a family here pretty quintessential.

Life in Cincinnati's Northern Burbs

You just landed a new job at P&G and are finally able to buy that dream house with your partner. Your kids are already making new friends in the neighborhood, and this weekend they're all in the backyard with your family's newest member: Champ, the dog they've always wanted.

Soon after, you’re loading up the fam and heading to your kid's favorite place on earth -- The Beach Waterpark. As you watch them splash around, you think, “Man. What are we going to do when summer’s over?” Little do you know, Kings Island is open in the fall and winter too.

Afterward, you and your partner decide you're too wiped to cook, so take your family out to Dewey’s for pizza and then Graeter's for ice cream. Today, you’re literally the best parents ever.

When you arrive home, you put the kids to bed, and curl up with your loved one. The two of you agree to get a babysitter tomorrow, so you can hit up 16 Lots Brewing with some of your new neighbors who want to get to know you. You go to bed excited, not just for tomorrow, but by all the different experiences you can have here.