North Central

First of all, we have a forest in our city. There's an arboretum, a tree house, and all sorts of spots to picnic or play things like disc golf. We have a brewery where the whole community comes together, and you'll find everyone at the local farmer's market too. The residential areas around here are diverse and, still maintain an urban feel. Good coffee shops. Good food. You'll dig it here.

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What your life could look like here

Imagine this... It's Saturday, and you're ready to go exploring. You set out to go find, "The Castle," and realize it's actually an old water tower. But one that looks like a castle. You take some pics because you're quirky and you've never seen anything like it. The next thing on your list to discover is the Tree House in Mt. Airy. Instead of climbing up ropes and ladders, you see that there's a long ramp, almost like a bridge, to get inside. You meet a family up there who has a daughter in a wheel chair, and think, "This is why it's called Everybody's Treehouse." You like that.

After spending half the day hiking through trails and taking pics, you decide to head over to College Hill Coffee Company for lunch. You choose their homemade hummus plate, and a secret recipe quiche muffin. Apparently, no one has ever figured out all the ingredients and you’re determined to be the first.

Your next stop – The College Hill Farmers Market. As you walk through checking out the vendors and getting some of your groceries, you hear someone shout your name. You realize it’s the lady who sold you those delicious cobblers last week. She remembered you and she motions for you to go over and try the flavors she has this week.

As the sun starts to set, you head over to Red Rose for some pizza and ask to have it dropped off a few doors down at Brink Brewing. Before you leave you make a mental note to order some pasta the next time you’re in. When you get to the brewery your friends are already gathered around the giant Scrabble board. They just started the game but before it’s your turn you need to order your favorite, a chocolate milkshake IPA. Heading back, you notice that the community table is packed, and it makes sense because here, it really is all about community.