Nearby East

If you're looking for a quaint town feel-but still want to stay in reach of big city amenities, the "nearby east" might be your ideal match. With a more relaxed, rural vibe, it's a more affordable pace of living. You'll definitely want to invest in a car to take in all the wide-open spaces (and you might want to consider a small boat, too - East Fork Lake is beautiful). But don't think there aren't a fair share of walkable areas with trendy restaurants, small shops, and craft breweries. There are. Farmers markets abound all through the week (after all, they are quite close to the farm), and it's true: those quintessential Mom & Pop stores really do give you that extra love.

What your life could look like here

Imagine this...

After kicking off the weekend with high-intensity entertainment at Scene75 - we're talking laser-tag, 18 holes of black-light miniature golf, and the 4D motion theatre (you'll promise yourself you'll try go-karting, next time) - it's Saturday morning, and all you want to do is immerse yourself in serenity of a nature hike.

So, you head toward the Cincinnati Nature Center and explore it's award-winning trails and natural habitats of the eastern forest, fields, streams, and ponds. The air is fragrant and clean, as you nod to the occasional fellow hiker and listen to the melodious cardinal.

After a couple hours of solitude, you swing by Jungle Jim's - an international grocery store that has just about anything you could ever need from any country on the planet. It's so massive that you hardly notice the Saturday crowds coming from all corners of the city, as you pick up your latte from the coffee bar, and dip in the giant cigar room for a "taste". You grab some Brazilian Picanha steak - and make a mental note to sign up for a hands-on class on fresh Mediterranean cuisine later that month.

You'll cook the steak tomorrow because this evening you have dinner plans with a friend at 20 Brix, a local farm-to-table restaurant that's in the historic district of downtown Milford. After you enjoy some lamb meatballs and some good old-fashioned scallops and grits (paired with an excellent French wine), you window-shop from the small businesses pack along the main street, lined with potted flowers.

As it gets dark, you and your friend drive to that old-fashioned drive-in movie theater everyone talks about, and then lean back and relax - content with your decision to move here.

The movie was good, but the best part? The stars are shining bright as you drive eastward on your way home.