East Side

The East Side is known for being the newer side of the region. It’s sprinkled with European-style town squares, and some pretty dreamy landscapes. If you’re a person who loves a view, on the East Side, you’ve got ‘em. You can overlook the city on Mount Adams, view the reflection pool in Eden Park, or literally look into outer space from the Observatory in between Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park. The East Side also attracts an active lifestyle due to all the parks, the Little Miami River, and the bike trail. Whether you decide to move here or somewhere else, it’s full of spots you’ll most definitely want to check out.

Life on the East Side of Cincinnati

You begin your day with gluten-free pancakes from Sleepy Bee and head on over to Rookwood for some shopping. You snag some deals at the J. Crew Mercantile, pick up some groceries at Whole Foods, and decide you’ll take your dog on over to Wags Park (he loves to run through the water).

You have family coming into town later, who want to see where you live. It’s hard to decide what to show them. You could do the fun thing: Coney Island and Zip's Cafe. You could do outdoorsy thing: hop on a kayak from Fifty West Brewing. You could do the classic thing: the conservatory and the observatory. But, this particular evening, you decide to take them to the Loveland Castle.

On your way there, you stop by Aglamesis Brothers for a raspberry chocolate sundae. Your dad chuckles when he walks in and says, "it's like stepping back in time!" A server in a bow tie brings over your ice cream menus and tells him that it is, because they've hardly changed a thing since they opened in 1908.

You end the evening in Mount Adams. You stand together, feeling overwhelmed by the majesty of the view. Now, you get it. This is why it’s called the Queen City. And you feel proud to call it your new home.