Downtown Cincinnati

If you’ve never been here before, Cincinnati will surprise you. It’s a big city with a massive urban core. We always like to watch people's eyes light up the moment the skyline comes into view after we pick them up from the airport. There are major headquarters here, like Procter and Gamble -- and new small businesses popping up, what feels like, every single week. We’ve got three major sports teams (the Reds, Bengals, and FC Cincinnati), European-style architecture that will blow your mind, and hills that remind you of San Francisco. Oh, and good food. Like, really, really good food.

Life in Downtown Cincinnati

You wake up and wonder, “Where should I work from today?” You lock up your adorable Italianate row house, hop on a scooter (either your own or one of our Bird or Lime scooters, because you like being able to park on the sidewalk), and scoot on over to Coffee Emporium. You spot that startup guy you met last week and he waves you on over you to share his table. It’s busy in there, but you love the energy.

For lunch, you walk around Over-the-Rhine wondering which spot you’d like to try. Your neighbors said, “Everything there’s good.” As you walk down Vine Street, based on how busy everything is, you believe them.

You decide to finish your work day in Pendleton at an authentically European cafe called Urbana. You start talking to the owner and realize that you can really make it in this city. Which is good for you, because that’s exactly why you moved here.

After work, you walk your dog to Washington Park and watch some folks playing kickball, kids running through the fountain, and a live jazz band playing their hearts out in the gazebo.

You go home, wrap yourself in orange and blue, and take an uber to your first FC Cincinnati game. You’ve loved soccer all your life, but you’ve never seen anything quite like this. And you could say the same about Cincinnati.