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Live here

So, you’re thinking about moving to the Cincinnati region but you don’t know where to start. Good news is, we’ve got you covered. Your first thought may be, why is it called a region? The answer there is simple, Cincinnati sits along the Ohio River and is close neighbors with Northern Kentucky and South East Indiana. Here, we meet across bridges, cultures, and backgrounds to create a community that is uniquely the Cincinnati region.

Our region offers affordable housing that's perfect for any stage of life.

Thinking about buying a home? Cincinnati is one of the most affordable real estate markets; more than 40% lower than the national average.

Want to rent instead? Average rent here is just $730.

Here, you can thrive.


We have more than 75 neighborhoods in our region and they all have something unique to offer. Want to live in a historic building in one of America’s hottest neighborhoods? You can do that here. Want to own a house with neighbors a few acres away? You can do that too!

Click on the map to learn a bit about each of our neighborhoods. We're sure you'll discover that one (maybe even more than one) is perfect for you to call home.


Cincinnati is a big city with a massive urban core filled with business. The European-style architecture will blow your mind, and the hills will remind you of San Francisco. Oh, and the food. Such good food.