Live here

In the Cincinnati region, you don't have to fight to survive.
You can thrive.

Beautiful housing you can actually afford

Whether you’re single, newlywed, or starting a family, Cincinnati and its surrounding suburbs offer a great, affordable, place to live.

Famous for ranking No. 9 on Forbes list of “The Best Cities for Raising a Family”, Cincinnati is also ranked fifth most affordable metropolitan area, and ninth safest city in the U.S.

Buying a home

Cincinnati is one of the most affordable real estate markets; more than 40% lower than the national average. Why spend 700k for a home in San Francisco, when you can get the same place in Cincinnati for $120k?

Cincinnati Cost of Living

Want to rent, instead?

Including all neighborhoods in the Cincinnati area, the average rent here is $730. (We dare you to see what $730 can get you in NYC or SF).

A city of many cities

With more than 75 unique neighborhoods, the Cincinnati region has something for everyone, and then some. Want to live in the heart of the city and walk to work, and the farmer’s market on the weekend? You got it. Want to have a big home in the suburbs, near shopping, restaurants, and a golf course? You can have that too. Want a kick ass view of downtown? Choose a home on the east, west, north or south.

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